With a highlight on the changing needs of the maritime industry in the context of rapid adoption of technology, decarbonisation efforts, digitization and the advent of automation, there is a direct impact on education and training needs and facilities, and while KSA is maximising the opportunities to fill the workforce gap, Bureau Veritas is providing great support in that aspect. 

During the session titled “Developing and Training the Maritime Workforce”, Christopher Welsby, Chief Executive for U.A.E & KSA Bureau Veritas - Marine & Offshore, shed the light on the significance of a well-trained workforce and BV’s role in delivering the right packages that best fit the requirements: “It is important to understand that Bureau Veritas has a great history, and as every company knows that the greatest asset is the workforce, it is key and essential that the workforce receives the needed training and knowledge to achieve the goals of the role that the individuals are in. Bureau Veritas provides online training with different packages; BV can visit your premises, vessels and offices to provide the training you need. We have standardized training packages, as well as tailored packages that are made for your specific requirements. This goes along with the Saudi Vision 2030, that is why it is significant to come and work together to achieve the goals.”

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When asked about tracking the right talents, and setting qualifications fit for the workplace, Chris referred to initiating education programs with the local training centres in Saudi Arabia, while offering the best internships: “I think with the Saudi Vision 2030, and with more women in maritime, who may not be sure of which part of the marine sector they would like to work in, BV is open to offering internships where we can place graduates in each department of the classification society, that way and after a 6 months period, they would have a better understanding of which division they would want to be a part in.”

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Chris also referred to BV’s own vision regarding female leadership in maritime, as by 2025, 35% of the managers at BV will be females. “We have a target to lead Women’s power to reach leadership positions. I believe that in the coming years, there would be a tsunami of females coming into the business and we should not resist this, however, embrace the change because women have different perspectives and understandings, and would be beneficial for the industry.”


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Issue 81 of Robban Assafina

(Sept./ Oct. 2022)




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