In a brand-new publication, Gard analyses some of the key trends within crew and people-related insurance claims, highlighting the most frequent injuries, illnesses and other risks that can face seafarers onboard.

The report, Gard Crew Claims Report 2024, is based on the analysis of five years of people claims data and more than 20,000 cases. The report aims to put a spotlight on key trends as well as on the crucial importance of seafarers' health and safety.

“We are publishing this report because for Gard as a marine insurer, the safety of seafarers is a top priority. They are the backbone of shipping that make global trade go round. Every year we deal with a lot of incidents and claims related to crew. We hope that sharing key figures and insights will ultimately contribute to enhanced crew safety and wellbeing,” said Christen Guddal, Chief Claims Officer at Gard.

Key for entire industry

He highlighted that the report is important also for shipowners and managers, as crew safety impacts operational safety: “The health and safety of seafarers and their working environment will impact situational awareness and the decisions they take. This, in turn, impacts the risk and likelihood of maritime accidents,” Guddal added.

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Top ten illnesses and injuries

Among the statistics shared in the report are the top ten most frequent illnesses, most frequent injuries, as well as the number of crew fatalities over the five-year period. The report also puts a particular spotlight on the importance of mental health, as well as on preventive measures that can be taken by shipowners, managers and by the seafarers themselves. 

“As an industry, we are unfortunately far from where we would like to be when it comes to crew fatalities and injuries. Respecting human rights at sea also relates tomaking sure seafarers’ place of work, on keel, is safe, healthy, and attractive. In Gard, we believe that more can be done to prevent some of these accidents, and with this report, we hope to contribute to increased transparency and constructive discussions across the industry,” said Lene-Camilla Nordlie, Vice President and Head of People Claims at Gard.

Source: Gard p&i club 


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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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