ASRY's IT Senior Manager, Mr. Mohammed AlSharqawy, attended the recent Advisory Board Meeting of His Highness Shaikh Nasser Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Center (NAIRDC) as a representative of the Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Company (ASRY), in the presence of Advisory Board members to discuss the Center's AI Innovative Solutions achievements in the first and second quarters of 2024.

During the meeting, Sharqawy commended the successful deployment of AI and Data Analytics Solutions for Energy Consumption Prediction. The Live Dashboard, developed with NAIRDC, helps monitor and analyze energy consumption by rapidly processing and accurately analyzing large data volumes to enhance forecasting and anticipate issues, strengthening effective decision-making. Additionally, Sharqawy presented new collaborative initiatives being explored between ASRY and NAIRDC, outlining plans to leverage innovative AI-powered solutions and engage in future projects to streamline ASRY's processes in alignment with the Industry Revolution 4.0.

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In an earlier statement, AlSharqawy announced ASRY is undertaking advanced solutions ensuring optimal resource utilization, improving work flexibility, boosting operational and production efficiency, and enabling effective decision-making for continuous performance improvement. He stated that investing in AI and smart Digital Solutions is integral to ASRY's strategy to achieve sustainability and elevate its position regionally and globally as a distinguished entity contributing to Bahrain's economy and maritime sector. Furthermore, he expressed appreciation for NAIRDC's efforts driving digital transformation and fostering innovation to enhance Bahrain's standing as a leading AI innovation hub in the region.



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Issue 91 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2024)


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