Marinfloc Pioneers in Wastewater Treatment, Ahead of Upcoming Regulations

As the maritime industry prepares for the revision of MEPC 107(49) in 2025, a regulation overdue for more than 15 years, many manufacturers of bilge water separators are facing the challenge of redesigning their concepts to adapt to a new reality. This is particularly challenging for ships with dual fuels. However, Marinfloc, a leader in wastewater treatment solutions, stands in a league of its own with future-ready products that have been setting industry standards since 1996.

Since its inception, Marinfloc has ensured that every product is adaptable, capable of handling any changes in onboard conditions without the need for complete redesigns. This means Marinfloc separators can seamlessly adjust to shifts in fuel types, lubricating oils, and chemicals, providing a significant advantage as the industry moves towards new regulations.

"Welcome to the new reality; we were already here yesterday," says Benny Carlson, co-founder of Marinfloc AB. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Marinfloc's customers enjoy continuous compliance without the disruption of frequent equipment upgrades or replacements. They trust Marinfloc to deliver solutions that not only meet current regulations but are also ready for future challenges.

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For over a quarter of a century, Marinfloc has been at the forefront of wastewater treatment solutions for vessels and offshore platforms. Their unwavering commitment has always been to craft the world's finest systems, ensuring pristine waters across the globe.

Every innovation and solution provided by Marinfloc is driven by their vision of "a clean sea," emphasizing their commitment to a sustainable and thriving marine ecosystem for generations to come.

Source: Marin Floc


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(May/ June 2024)


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