Kpler, the premier source for global trade intelligence, is set to participate in Posidonia for the first time following its acquisition of Greek maritime tech company MarineTraffic, the world’s leading ship-tracking intelligence platform. Kpler will also be the inaugural sponsor of the Posidonia 2024 Opening Ceremony.

Founded a decade ago, Kpler has become a crucial tool for global trade monitoring, offering data, analysis, and intelligence on a wide range of commodities and their transportation. The company revolutionised the industry by introducing the first cargo-tracking solution for the burgeoning LNG market. Today, it monitors over 40 markets, covering liquids, dry bulk, freight, and inventories, offering supply and demand balances for over 100 countries, as well as daily data for global refineries.

At Posidonia, Kpler will showcase its full range of services, with a primary focus on the tools available via its MarineTraffic platform. MarineTraffic is the leading platform for real-time vessel tracking, integrating AIS data from the world’s largest coastal AIS network with satellite and shipborne data. Users can view live maps, historical movements, and detailed vessel information.

Other MarineTraffic features to be highlighted during Posidonia include the Fleet Management tool, which allows ship owners to monitor voyages, receive event alerts, plan routes, and share data, with access to five years of tracking data. Additionally, the Fleet IoT technology provides real-time vessel information that surpasses AIS capabilities.

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Kpler will also present their Inbox solution, a specialised email management tool designed for maritime shipping professionals. Inbox is a unified email platform consolidating emails, chats, and documents into a single stream, reducing clutter and improving management.

François Cazor, CEO of Kpler, commented on the participation and sponsorship: “Posidonia, one of the world's premier shipping events, is committed to innovation and delivering value to participants and the broader maritime community, a commitment that Kpler deeply shares. We are proud to announce our role as the inaugural sponsor of Posidonia's opening ceremony. This partnership underscores our dedication to the maritime community in Greece and globally, a commitment upheld through our leading platforms, Kpler and MarineTraffic."

Cazor highlighted Kpler’s significant presence in Athens, essential to the company's operations. "We recognise the importance of Greece's maritime contributions and are always open to finding new ways to collaborate with Greek partners to add value for our stakeholders. Additionally, we continuously seek new talent in Greece, an important hub for Kpler."


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