HHLA TK Estonia received the newest container ship, CMA CGM Mermaid, completed in early 2024. The new generation ship uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel, and thanks to the innovative design its CO2 footprint is 20% smaller than usual.

"We went to welcome the captains of the CMA CGM Mermaid on board during the ship’s first voyage, and we were introduced to the ship’s interior as well as its streamlined shape. Reducing emissions is the focus of both shipowners, ports and terminal operators, and more environmentally friendly technologies are constantly being sought," said Riia Sillave, the chairman of the board of HHLA TK Estonia. "Launching CMA CGM Mermaid in the Baltic Sea is undoubtedly a trend-setting step in the industry."

In total, the French shipping company CMA CGM ordered ten new generation feeder container vessels with a capacity of 2,000 TEU, which will sail both in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

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CMA CGM’s new ships are part of the group’s fleet renewal program, in which the shipping company has invested more than $15 billion. CMA CGM’s fleet includes approximately 620 vessels, of which 30 already use alternative energy sources. The company has set a goal of using low carbon emissions marine fuels on nearly 120 ships by 2028.

CMA CGM Mermaid and her sister ships are being built at Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD) in Busan, South Korea. The ship is 204 meters long and 29.6 meters wide.

Source: HHLA


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