In a landmark move to strengthen the logistical framework of the Kingdom, the Saudi Ports Authority (Mawani) and the Saudi Railway Company (SAR) have inked a pivotal agreement aimed at bolstering the connectivity between maritime and rail transportation. This strategic alliance underscores the commitment to enhancing the logistical movement across the industrial and commercial ports within the Kingdom, thereby contributing significantly to the objectives outlined in the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS) and aligning with the ambitious goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

The signing ceremony, hosted at Mawani's headquarters in Riyadh, saw HE Mr. Omar Hariri, President of Mawani, and Dr. Bashar bin Khaled Al-Malik, CEO of SAR, formalizing this collaborative effort.

A key aspect of this partnership is its focus on elevating the Kingdom's competitive edge and supporting the movement of trade by offering secure, sustainable transportation solutions that aim at reducing carbon emissions and improving the efficiency of logistical operations. This initiative is a step forward in solidifying Saudi Arabia's position as a leading global logistics hub, effectively bridging three continents.

Through this collaboration, Mawani and SAR are set to achieve a seamless integration in the realms of container transport, bulk materials, and general cargo via rail to and from ports. SAR's extensive rail network, connecting major ports such as King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam, King Fahd Industrial Port in Jubail, Jubail Commercial Port, and Ras Al-Khair Port, plays a crucial role in this integration. The partnership aims to elevate the service levels for exporters and importers by introducing innovative logistics services to enhance the efficiency of exports and imports transported by rail and providing solutions to overcome logistics challenges faced by customers.

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Moreover, the agreement encompasses efforts to assess user satisfaction with rail services and logistics support, aiming to identify and implement improvements. It also includes collaboration on planning and executing marketing campaigns to promote rail transportation utilization.

This strategic alliance is not just about enhancing rail and maritime transportation; it's about making a tangible difference in the logistics sector by exchanging studies, experiences, and knowledge on rail transportation to and from seaports. The ultimate goal is to transform the Kingdom into a critical logistics corridor between the East and West.

This partnership follows Mawani's 2023 memorandum of understanding with the General Authority of Civil Aviation and the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, aimed at advancing the logistics connection between air and sea ports. Together, these efforts contribute to a streamlined cargo flow by sea and air, supporting logistics operations and services, reinforcing the Kingdom’s pivotal role in the global logistics arena, and elevating the standard of logistics and customs services across the sectors.


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Issue 90 of Robban Assafina

(Mar./April 2024)


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