INTLREG and the Global Maritime Consultants Group (GMCG) have entered into an exclusive partnership, marking a significant advancement in promoting maritime safety. Both entities, known for their dedication to maritime excellence, are collaborating to enhance safety, environmental responsibility, and innovation worldwide.

Through this partnership, INTLREG and GMCG will combine their vast expertise and resources to introduce innovative safety initiatives, training programs, and consultancy services. The goal is to equip maritime stakeholders, such as shipowners, operators, and crews, with the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure the highest safety standards at sea.

Commenting on this partnership, Nakis Kassos, Operations Director of GMCG, said: “The strategic alliance between INTLREG and GMCG bears a considerable duty in advancing safety, environmental control, and innovative practices within the maritime sector. As the maritime sector faces growing pressure to reduce its environmental impact, this collaboration demonstrates our commitment to addressing these challenges. Both organizations bring extensive expertise and resources to the table, working together to provide industry stakeholders with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain the highest safety standards.”

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As a leading classification society, INTLREG brings its decades of experience in vessel classification, compliance verification, and safety assessment to the table. GMCG, with its deep consulting and training capabilities, complements INTLREG’s strengths by offering a holistic approach to safety culture and management system development.

Together, they intend to facilitate the adoption of best practices, latest technologies, and sustainable solutions within the maritime industry. This partnership represents a shared commitment to ensuring that safety remains at the forefront of maritime operations, protecting lives, the environment, and the future of the industry. As the maritime sector evolves, INTLREG and GMCG stand shoulder to shoulder, ready to champion safety as an unwavering priority on the global maritime agenda.

Source: INTLREG 



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