Within the frame of the Suez Canal Authority’s keenness to open lines of communication with its clients, H.E. Admiral Ossama Rabiee, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, met today, Wednesday, with Mr. Soren Toft, CEO of the “MSC” Group, in the presence of Mr./ Tarek Fahmy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MSC Group in Egypt, to discuss ways of Joint cooperation, via videoconference.

The meeting tackled developments in the situation in the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandab region, and reviewed the navigation policies of MSC in the Suez Canal.

Admiral Rabiee stressed the Suez Canal Authority’s keenness to continuously consult and with its clients and coordinate directly with them in order to identify joint working mechanisms that can reduce the impact of the current crisis, which imposes more challenges on the of trade traffic through the Canal and global supply chains.

SCA Chairman explained that the bilateral cooperation between the Suez Canal Authority and “MSC” is a successful model of extended strategic relations, expressing his understanding of the security concerns of MSC group that affect its navigation policies in the Suez Canal, expressing his constant readiness to cooperate and meet the requirements of the current stage, which is witnessing various challenges.

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For his part, Mr. Soren Toft, CEO of MSC Group, confirmed the group’s readiness to return to crossing the Suez Canal as soon as the security situation stabilizes in the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandab region.

The CEO of "MSC" group added that the current situation in the Red Sea region has become very complicated and imposes more security concerns about the safety of crews, sailors and transiting vessels, in light of the fact that some of the group's vessels were subjected to some attacks while crossing Bab Al-Mandab.

The CEO of MSC Group expressed his appreciation for the joint coordination with the Suez Canal Authority in an attempt to overcome the challenges imposed by the current situation in the Red Sea region, which has a negative impact on global supply chains in light of the delayed arrival of goods and commodities as a result of increased navigation intervals.
Mr. Soren Toft stressed the keenness of MSC Group to enhance cooperation with the Egyptian state and the Suez Canal during the coming period, noting in this regard the Group’s intention to inject more investments into promising logistics projects.


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(Jan./ Feb. 2024)


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