UAE state-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company #ADNOC will soon commence operations of a new dive support vessel #DSV built locally by Grandweld Shipyards.

ADNOC MD 01 is the first vessel in a series of two aluminium dive support catamarans designed by Canadian naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd. Design work was done in compliance to Bureau Veritas class requirements.

The DSV has an LOA of 24.9 metres, a moulded beam of eight metres, a maximum draught of two metres, a moulded depth of 3.15 metres, and a gross tonnage of 192. Two main engines that each produce 1,030 kW at 2,100 rpm drive four-bladed propellers via Reintjes WVS 430/1 gearboxes to enable speeds of up to 19.4 knots. The tunnel clearance was designed to be particularly generous to prevent slamming of the wing deck structure while underway.  A comprehensive CFD program was used to predict resistance during early design work.


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The #vessel is provided with comprehensive equipment for shallow-water dive support including a decompression chamber, dive air compressors, cylinders for compressed air and other gases, hose reels for underwater tools, and diver air supply gear. The wide beam of the vessel allows for a spacious full deckhouse width dive compartment with a diver rest area, a separated supervisor area, and an integrated decompression chamber with direct access to the open deck. Diving operations can take place on either side of the vessel or on the integrated swim platforms at the stern.

A large 6.5-metre workboat and a crane with a 10-metre working radius is situated on top of the deckhouse to avoid interference with dive operations. The main tank capacities are 8,100 litres, 4,800 litres, and 600 litres for fuel oil, fresh water, and sewage, respectively.

The accommodations are for a crew of five and up to seven divers. There are three double crew cabins with a mess and a galley provided in the deckhouse whilst all belowdeck compartments are dedicated to the propulsion machinery and the dive equipment.

The wheelhouse is designed to provide maximum all-round visibility with an exceptional view to the bow and sides as well as dive operations on the aft deck via CCTV cameras.

DSV's Specifications:

























Source: BairdMaritime


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