Ascenz Marorka is the result of merging two pioneering companies in the maritime digitalisation industry: Ascenz, a Singaporean company with a strong experience in Electronic Fuel and Bunkering Monitoring, and Marorka, an Icelandic expert in vessel performance management, data acquisition and modelling. 

A recent and rich addition to the maritime industry, this solution provider is onwards with an ambitious innovation roadmap. Anouar Kiassi, CEO of Ascenz Marorka, and Robban Assafina’s host for this issue, tells us more about the services of the company and its vision of transparency and performance.

First, give us a brief about Ascenz Marorka and the services provided.
Ascenz Marorka is born with the idea that #AI and Data are effective in solving important problems. We offer our customers a wide range of solutions to reduce emissions, reduce energy consumption, increase transparency and improve safety. This can be hardware or software or both.


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What has the mission of Ascenz Marorka been over the latest 30 years?
To put it in a simple manner, our mission for the last 30 years was and still is to collect operational data and derive practical insight from it to help the ship owner and charterer achieve their economic and environmental objectives. A significant part of our mission is also to promote collaboration and transparency between the stakeholders to break the barriers and achieve even greater results.

How is Ascenz Marorka helping in building a more sustainable maritime world through its products & services?
We have always considered that the environmental objectives must be aligned with the economic objectives. Technology is just the enabler. So we help the industry by providing information based on accurate data, reducing the crew workload, increase awareness about energy use and helping make faster and safer decisions.

What can you tell us about Ascenz Marorka’s latest projects, upcoming plans?
We have a dynamic R&D activity; lately we have received many type approvals for our advanced ShaPoLi system, we have launched an innovative and patented solution to reduce the effect of aeration on the bunkering process. We have also opened a Real-Time Fleet Performance Monitoring Center in France to help our customers improve their vessels’ performance and avoid missed opportunities to achieve energy and cost savings. We have an ambitious innovation roadmap. We cannot disclose the details, but I can confirm that we are mobilizing very important resources to offer our customers the best products in terms of innovation and quality. Our aim goal is to deliver performance not only software. 

How has the merging of two pioneering companies, along with their proven track and experiences, helped in the rise of Ascenz Marorka?
Ascenz and Marorka were complementary in terms of skills, products, types of vessels addressed and geography. The merger resulted in a unique platform offering a very large portfolio of solutions covering all the needs of our customers for vessel performance management. It also helped us concentrate our efforts and resources on one brand and product to make it the market leader.

Robban Assafina, Issue 88, Nov./ Dec. 2023, Maritime Host, pg. 95


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Issue 88 of Robban Assafina

(Nov./ Dec. 2023)


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