Marcus Hummer (CEO BAwat) and Arnout Damen (CEO Damen)

Damen Green Solutions and Bawat A/S have formally signed the agreement to solidify their joint venture in the development and sales of cutting-edge mobile Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS). The joint venture, operating under the collective name "Bawat Damen", marks a significant step in revolutionizing mobile ballast water management solutions.

Under the joint venture, Bawat A/S will provide its innovative system for treating ballast water, leveraging its patented pasteurisation process that eradicates organisms without the use of chemicals, filters, or UV. Damen Green Solutions, known for its expertise in maritime solutions, will undertake the construction of these systems. The partners will share a joint focus on sales and global marketing.

The contract was signed at the international maritime exhibition Europort 2023 in Rotterdam by Marcus Peter Hummer, CEO Bawat, Klaus Nyborg, Chairman of the Board Bawat, Arnout Damen, CEO Damen Shipyards Group and Marcel Karsijns, MD Damen Shipyards Group.


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We are very pleased to be extending our relationship with Bawat A/S,” says Marcel Karsijns, Managing Director, Damen Green Solutions. “The timing is excellent and having a mobile sustainable product that is straightforward to operate and maintain is attractive for our customers. The first two units for a customer are already being built at one of the Damen yards and new orders will be fulfilled at short notice thereafter.”

Marcus Hummer, CEO of Bawat said, "The formalisation of the Bawat Damen joint venture marks a pivotal moment in maritime innovation. By combining Bawat's groundbreaking BWMS technology with Damen's extensive capabilities in construction, we can offer an unmatched, compliant, and environmentally friendly ballast water treatment systems to the industry."


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The collaboration aims to revolutionise the mobile ballast water treatment landscape by providing efficient, easy-to-install systems that cater to vessel owners in need of compliant solutions. With a focus on high-quality construction, seamless operations and global market reach, the Bawat Damen joint venture is set to redefine the standards for mobile ballast water management.

On the top image from left to right: Emil Messmann (Sales Manager Bawat), Anders Egeskov Jachobsen (COO Bawat), Marcel Karsijns (Managing Director Damen Green Solutions), Marcus Hummer (CEO Bawat), Arnout Damen (CEO Damen Shipyards Group), Herman Thuss (Sales Manager Damen Green Solutions), Nick Pruissen (Project Manager Damen Green Solutions)

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