Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the sustainable gateway to the Levant region and beyond, is pleased to announce the publication of its highly anticipated 12th annual sustainability report. The report highlights the significant accomplishments that reinforce ACT's position as the leading green hub for trade in Jordan and the Levant, its commitment to delivering a superior and unparalleled port experience for shipping lines and landside customers, and its dedication to fostering community prosperity in Aqaba.

ACT’s 12th annual report highlights the terminal’s unwavering commitment to delivering a superior port experience to its customers while maintaining port efficiency. The company unveiled its future vision for Aqaba and announced its ambitious plans in collaboration with APM Terminals, extending their partnership for an additional 15 years. ACT has made ongoing investments in state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to improve operational efficiency and minimize environmental impact. In 2022 ACT achieved a total throughput of 852,554 TEUs, compared to 765,662 in 2021.

Decarbonization and environmental stewardship lie at the heart of ACT's sustainability strategy. Last year, the company announced a comprehensive decarbonization strategy with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 70% by 2030 and achieving net-zero emissions by 2040. But it doesn't stop there - ACT is committed to investing in climate change solutions by implementing initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption and increasing its solar capacity in the coming years. The goal is to cover a portion of ACT's annual energy needs through renewable sources. The European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) has recognized its dedication to upholding the highest environmental standards and awarded it the Port Environmental Review (PERS) certificate. 


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Commenting on the publication of the latest report, ACT CEO Harald Nijhof said, “We are very pleased to issue our 12th Annual Sustainability Report, which marks another milestone in our sustainability journey. We take pride in the progress we have made, and we remain committed to continued innovation in order to achieve a more sustainable future.” 

ACT prioritizes employee engagement and talent development. In 2022, 100% of its employees received a performance review and achieved a 4.14 score for employee engagement and satisfaction. The Way of Working transformation strategy adopted by the company emphasizes people as its most valuable asset, fostering a highly motivated and dedicated workforce. It offers a variety of training opportunities resulting in a six-fold increase in training hours. These opportunities include a blend of in-house and external programs covering topics such as crane management, inventory, planning, and workshops. By investing in its employees, it strengthens its business, creates value for its customers, and strives to become a world-class organization together.

Additionally, the health, safety, and security of its employees remain at the forefront of ACT’s priorities. In 2022, the company successfully maintained zero employee fatalities and ensured that 100% of its workforce and contractors received comprehensive training in health and safety practices. As part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing its emergency response capabilities, ACT collaborated with governmental organizations on Global Safety Day and participated in a valuable one-month knowledge exchange program with Bahrain Port. These initiatives have allowed it to continuously elevate its safety standards, fostering a secure and healthy work environment for all its valued team members and stakeholders.

ACT is also committed to developing and empowering the community, making a positive impact through various education, health, and environmental initiatives. This year, the company invested in 10 corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, increasing its community program investment by 38%. The company’s 543 dedicated volunteers have contributed to a range of projects, additionally, ACT has continued collaborating with organizations such as the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) and Tkiyet Um Ali.

ACT sets a new standard for sustainable port operations and firmly establishes the terminal as a leading green hub for trade in the region, delivering superior port experiences, and fostering community prosperity.

Source: Zawya


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Issue 87 of Robban Assafina

(Sept./ Oct. 2023)


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