According to Sea-Intelligence, three prominent shipping alliances’ schedule reliability between Asia and North Europe have increased.

To determine which of the three carrier alliances recovered the most quickly from the pandemic in terms of schedule dependability, Sea-Intelligence used their lowest recorded schedule reliability during the epidemic as month ‘0’ and then examined the change from that baseline in the months that followed.

This is seen in Figure 1 for Asia-North Europe.

Sea-Intelligence observed that 2M increased schedule dependability by 20 percentage points in just the second month after sliding to its lowest point, whilst Ocean Alliance and THE Alliance both improved by less than 10 percentage points.

By the seventh month, 2M had nearly recovered 50 percentage points, while the other two coalitions were far behind.


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The Ocean Alliance reached the 45-percentage-point milestone in the 17th month, whereas THE Alliance took 25 months to reach the 50-percentage-point goal.

In short, Sea-Intelligence witnessed the schedule reliability recovery rate for 2M was significantly higher than that of the other two partnerships.

In fact, after falling to its lowest point during the pandemic, 2M has seen rapid improvements in schedule reliability on both Asia-Europe trade lanes; however, while they continued on this trajectory on Asia-North Europe (as previously mentioned), their rate of recovery on Asia-Mediterranean has slowed significantly.


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Ocean Alliance, on the other hand, has mainly remained constant in schedule reliability increases in the months after their lowest figure of the pandemic, but at a slower rate than Asia-North Europe.

THE ALLIANCE has witnessed a more slower pace of recovery on Asia-North Europe, which has been ramping up in recent months, while Asia-Mediterranean has seen the reverse trend.

In August 2023, Sea-Intelligence reported that carriers resorted to blank sailings.

Source: Port Technology International


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Issue 86 of Robban Assafina

(Jul./ Aug. 2023)


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