Cruise ship BRITANNIA broke off her moorings at Palma de Mallorca in the morning Aug 27, in strong wind. The ship drifted in port basin, contacted moored at oil terminal tanker CASTILLO DE ARTEAGA and was finally, taken under control by port tugs. She was taken to outer port anchorage, and anchored at around 1100 UTC Aug 27. Tanker also has been moved to anchorage. BRITANNIA is on 2-week cruise, starting and finishing at Southampton. Some of passengers who previously went ashore, couldn’t board the ship, while those on board willing to go ashore had to stay on board. Reportedly, both cruise ship and tanker sustained only minor damages.

Storm in Palma Mallorca breaks it’s moorings and pushes P&O Britannia into another ship and onto rocks. Ship not compromised and being pushed back into position by tugs

— Stephen Marsh (@millermanuk) August 27, 2023

Source: Fleetmon


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(Jul./ Aug. 2023)


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