With the publication of TT Club’s 300th Edition of its monthly advisory TT Talk, the international freight transport insurance specialist announces additional resource for its loss prevention function in the shape of two more risk management professionals.  

The loss prevention function is pivotal to the mutual ethos of TT Club, which strives to guide those it insurers – and indeed the wider industry – in all aspects of risk through the container transport and global logistics supply chain.  The latest TT Talk is evidence of the insurer’s commitment to this service.  For over twenty-five years the monthly, online newsletter has extended awareness of, and offered advice on how to mitigate specific risks to an audience of the Club’s Members as well as the industry at large. Under the title, ‘Container Industry: incremental change?’, TT Talk #300 takes the opportunity to examine the dynamic influences that have moulded the industry since issue #1 was produced and look ahead in relation to current issues.  It can be read in full HERE

Our aim in producing TT Talk has always been to remain topical in terms of the risks we cover,” says Rick Management Director, Peregrine Storrs-Fox.  “Drawing on a range of sources, including the risks that are presented for insurance and the extensive claims data at our disposal, as well as ongoing interactions with the global industry, like-minded associations and governmental agencies, we seek to enhance the likelihood of successful outcomes and above all ensure the safety and security of the supply chain workforce around the world.”


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Underlining TT’s on-going dedication to providing such valuable loss prevention guidance, the Club has announced the commitment of additional resources to its team.  Josh Finch has joined as Logistics Risk Manager and Neil Dalus becomes EMEA? Risk Assessment Manager.

Commenting on the appointments, Mike Yarwood, MD Loss Prevention said, “We are providing additional manpower for the benefit of both our logistics and terminal operations clients.  Josh, from a background of warehouse management and road transport, and Neil as an engineer from the port industry will add significant strength to our existing team. They will allow TT to increase its risk management and loss prevention service across all aspects of the container supply chain.”


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Josh Finch

Josh Finch has fifteen years’ experience in the logistics industry featuring various operational and project management roles.  His positions as operations manager at the independent UK logistics company, Howard Tenens and at DHL Supply Chain, as both operations and transport manager, have allowed him to acquire a depth of knowledge into the practical, day-to-day application of risk mitigation policies.  

Neil Dalus

Neil Dalus’ career extends over twenty-plus years managing port and port related infrastructure and assets.  This experience includes positions in Local Authority, Consultancy and eleven years at PD Ports, starting as a civil engineer and progressing to Group Engineering Director. His skills and knowledge will ensure that port authorities, as well as cargo handling and terminal operators are well advised as to their specific risk profiles.

The full library of 300 TT Talk’s plots the ever-changing dynamics of the freight transport world and the evolving nature of risks that attend it.  The resources that TT invests in its loss prevention activity will endeavour to keep pace with such changes and challenges, continuing to inform the industry as comprehensively as it can.


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Issue 85 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2023)


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