With a constant reminder that the maritime industry needs to meet clients’ and market needs, Med Marine is on track to further develop and meet the market requirements. In a recent chat with Muhammet Gokhan, Business Development Manager at Med Marine during Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East, the Turkish tugboat builder revealed its plans  to expand its green solutions.

Med Marine participates in all exhibitions and conferences in the region, what is the importance of the Middle East market for Med Marine?
For Med Marine, Middle East is one of the important regions as we have many clients in UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Our job is to understand our client’s needs and stay updated on our designs as per their needs. That’s why we always attend exhibitions and meet our customers continuously.

Exhibitions create the chance to meet clients in person and understand their vision during Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East and exchange ideas.

What is your impression of the first half of 2023, and what are Med Marine’s expectations from the business side?
The first half of 2023 has been successful as Med Marine is set to deliver many vessels during 2023. We shall deliver 20% of these vessels to the Middle East market. We expect our relations and business involvement to steadily grow in the Middle East. 


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What are the latest projects for Med Marine?
We have recently signed an MOA with Robert Allan Ltd to design 5 electric and hybrid tugs named under the registered brand of “VoltRA” series, these tugs have a range of 21 meters up to 30 meters in various lengths and designs. There are also other contracts in process for designing tugboats in the very near future for alternative fuels. As Med Marine, we wish to supply multiple green solutions with the latest technological advances that can be applied today for our clients who are adapting fast to changes in the business environment.  

Does Med Marine have any upcoming expansion plans?
Since we continuously develop our tugboats, Med Marine has the plan to expand its business and projects as the shipyard is one of the largest yards in Turkey, so we are working on upgrading our tug building capacity as well as working towards green solutions to decrease our carbon foot print in construction processes. Med Marine owns a second yard which is planned to be activated to meet the growing demand.


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As Med Marine is keen to provide the best quality to its clients, what can you tell us about staff training?
Training is a must for Med Marine, since we are keen to keep our employees up-to-date and we always have projects to work on as well as exhibitions to attend. We also provide training services for our clients once we deliver the vessel which includes onboard and technical training as well. It is our utmost strive to keep clients happy with top quality boats and solid after sale service that is why we have our good clients/friends placing repeated orders at Med Marine.

Robban Assafina Magazine, Issue 85, May/June 2023, Robban Assafina Feature - Maritime Eevnts, pg. 80


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Issue 85 of Robban Assafina

(May/ June 2023)


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