With a keen strategy towards green shipping and energy saving solutions, Al Masaood Power Division’s portfolio is focusing on reducing carbon emissions, through the utilization of the latest and most efficient hybrid propulsion solutions. At Seatrade Maritime Logistics Middle East 2023, General Manager Rasso Bartenschlager highlighted Al Masaood Power Division’s roadmap towards facilitating the emergence of a green economy while eyeing opportunities in the hydrogen supply chain. 

What is Al Masaood Power showcasing at Seatrade this year? And how can you describe this year’s participation?
This year’s participation emphasized sustainable advancements within our existing product portfolio, featuring the MTU, a company of Rolls-Royce Solutions, and its Hybrid Propulsion Solutions Model. This innovative model comprises a hybrid propulsion configuration, including an E-drive, switchboard, and an onboard generator set, reflecting our commitment to environmentally conscious progress.

Additionally, we showcased the state-of-the-art Volvo Penta D13 engine with IPS and IMO III, which serves as an exceptional option for heavy-duty and highly efficient commercial marine applications. Our focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology ensures that we remain at the forefront of the industry whilst prioritizing the preservation of our environment.

What can you tell us about the company’s developing infrastructure plan?
Al Masaood has devised a comprehensive strategy that encompasses various aspects, forming the company’s roadmap for success. This strategic plan is divided into three integral components: daily operations, processes, and employees. To effectively manage business growth, diversification from our traditional business is essential.


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Central to our plan is the emphasis on sustainable energy and propulsion solutions, demonstrating our commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility. Collaborating with both existing and new partners, and delivering turnkey solutions, serves as a crucial enabler for our continued success and growth in the industry.

What are Al Masaood initiatives to meet the industry’s needs and fulfil its duty towards sustainability? 
In collaboration with our principals, MTU and Volvo Penta, we have prioritized sustainable shipping as a central area for development and implementation of solutions that facilitate a significant transition towards green shipping. Our portfolio focuses on reducing carbon emissions, through the utilization of the latest and most efficient engines from our principals.

Moreover, Al Masaood is actively investing in the development of energy-efficient systems, including marine hybrid propulsion solutions that integrate battery storage and electric drive technologies. These advancements contribute significantly to achieving CO2 reduction, reflecting our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation in the shipping industry.

Energy storage is another major area of focus for the company. What are some of the solutions on the spot?
At Al Masaood, we are committed to investing significantly in the design and engineering of renewable energy solutions, utilizing solar power to champion cleaner energy alternatives. We have established our own brand, SHAMS+, which is dedicated to developing and delivering green energy solutions.


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Our diverse portfolio under the SHAMS+ brand encompasses a range of green mobility charging solutions, including electric vehicles, light and heavy-duty vehicles, marine vessels, and drones. This innovative approach extends to both stationary and mobile energy sources, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to promoting sustainable energy solutions for a cleaner, greener future.

What are Al Masaood’s next plans?
Al Masaood is diligently examining the hydrogen supply chain to pinpoint potential opportunities in the areas of electrolysers, fuel cells, and essential accessories. Our goal is to facilitate the emergence of a green economy that can coexist and thrive alongside the traditional fossil fuel-driven industry. Through this proactive approach, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable future by embracing innovative technologies and cleaner energy solutions.

Robban Assafina Magazine, Issue 85, May/ June 2023, Maritime Events - Seatrade, pg. 75


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Issue 85 of Robban Assafina

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