The Cruise Division of MSC Group report that recently took delivery on its second LNG-fueled cruise ship and after a demonstration trip using bio-LNG is setting the pathway to transition to the fuel while also expanding its commitment to shore power to support ports as they invest in the capability.

As explained, at least 15 new ports between 2024 and 2026 will be added to the existing use for its vessels to plug into shoreside electricity grids to further demonstrate its commitment to, and continued progress towards, decarbonisation, as well as reducing emissions from its fleet of ships while berthed in ports.

The new 2024-26 shore power plan includes at least five Italian ports; Barcelona and Valencia in Spain; Stavanger and Norfjordied, Norway; Miami, USA; Copenhagen, Denmark; Marseille, France; Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Valletta, Malta and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Company intends for its ships, both MSC Cruises and Explora Journeys, to fully utilise shore power facilities at all other ports where it operates throughout Europe and the rest of the world when they are made available.


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Using shore power removes the need to keep a ship’s engine running and drastically reduces in-port emissions from the vessel.

MSC Cruises’ ships have since February 2023 used shore power at the ports of Southampton, UK and Kristiansand, Norway and later this summer the company will test the facilities at the Norwegian port of Haugesund.

MSC Cruises will also use shore power in the German ports of Hamburg this winter and at Kiel in summer 2024.

"Shore power is an important factor on our journey towards net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) operations. We have invested heavily in hybrid exhaust gas cleaning systems to substantially reduce local air quality emissions and we now need more ports across Europe and beyond to introduce shore power as quickly as possible",
said Linden Coppell, VP Sustainability & ESG, MSC Cruises.

Source: Safety4sea


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(May/ June 2023)


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