The International Group of P&I Clubs (IGP&I) has recently released a safety guide to help prevent injuries and loss of life during mooring operations due to rushing tasks.

Mooring is a dynamic operation where members of the mooring party are constantly responding to a changing situation. According to International Group of P&I Clubs, the guidance has been developed as a learning aid and may be used to facilitate discussion on board. This guide can be used in conjunction with the mooring animation produced by the International Group of P&I Clubs.

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Human performance is affected by various influencing factors:

  • Factors such as stress, time pressures, distractions, personal abilities, and lack of direction are some common human performance factors that can play a huge role in an incident.
  • Mooring operations are dynamic and seafarers working on a mooring deck are by the very nature of the operation working under pressure.
  • Working under negative influences can cause a seafarer to lose situational awareness, miss out a safety critical step or take shortcuts. This can increase the likelihood of something going wrong.
  • It is imperative that instructions issued from the leader and communications within the mooring team are clear, concise, and controlled.
  • A properly conducted and detailed toolbox talk will help identify possible pressure / stressful situations and will help the mooring party be prepared for such situations.
  • If any member of the mooring team finds themselves in a situation where too much is going on and there is pressure to rush things, it is important that any member of the team is empowered and encouraged to stop the job. Trying to multi-task can result in an individual becoming overwhelmed.
  • Finally, remember that bights can bite

Source: Safety4sea


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Issue 84 of Robban Assafina

(March/ April 2023)


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