Inmarsat and SeaFocus will examine data from Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) calls made to Inmarsat in order to provide insights into safety trends and reveal patterns at a local and global level.

Abetter understanding of these patterns aims to help the maritime industry take proactive steps to prevent such incidents and help guide the sector to a safer future.

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The project will run under the SeaFocus Intelligence Hunt programme:

"We are looking forward to working with young talent and an experienced team of experts to bring The Future of Safety report to the next level and gain a deeper understanding of how to improve safety at sea".
said Peter Broadhurst, SVP Safety & Regulatory, Inmarsat Maritime, who added that “we have the data, but we need a benchmark to get the companies to understand the value and importance of using this data to develop and support their business.”

As part of the initiative, Inmarsat and SeaFocus are also issuing a call for students interested in the maritime industry and maritime safety to join the Intelligence Hunt project.

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The selected students will participate as Junior Consultant Interns in a team of four people. The companies further informed that there will be an individual financial reward for the team members who finalise the project based on the KPIs set and communicated at the beginning of the project.

Source: Safety4sea


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