Carbonix will supply Volanti drones to Fugro over the next 27 months

Fugro is partnering with Australian drone manufacturer Carbonix to establish a new long-range drone capability.

This is Fugro’s first partnership working toward long-range beyond-visual-line-of-sight missions, which the company hopes will strengthen its existing geographic information system capability. Carbonix will supply Volanti and Ottano vertical take-off and landing drones over the next 27 months, with the aim to enhance Fugro’s remote operations.

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Fugro has a global network of nine remote operation centers. From there, Fugro remotely operates boats and ROVs and provides survey, inspection and piloting services to the maritime industry across the world.

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Carbonix will support Fugro’s Australian long-range maritime and land projects from the sky, using aerial surveying and data capture technology, while integrating with Fugro’s remote operation centers for the joint development of systems technology and capabilities.

Source: Offshore Mag

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