New information regarding the revised corporate set-up of Tehama Shipping Services and Marsa Ocean shipping has emerged. The following is thus an update and in part a correction of Alphaliner's reporting in edition 2022-34 of its newsletter.
The two companies, which are seperate unrelated entities, have now provided alphaliner with details of their revised arrangement.

Dubai-based Tehama Shipping Services was previously co-owned by sheikh Matloob Atef Al Sharafi and Captain Saib F. Shakir. The latter formely also acted as Tehama's CEO.

As from the start of August, Captain Saib has finalized his departure from Tehama Shipping Services to start his own company under the name of Marsa Ocean Shipping.

Since the split, the 2013-founded Tehama Shipping is 100% owned by sheikh Matloob with Sherif El Bakatoushy recently appointed as the new CEO. Tehama ais part of Middle East-based Saba Group International and it continues to operate as a regional carrier.

Tehama's activities were initiallty based on services that Saba Marine provided since 1995. The group is also active in fields such as shipping agency, teelcommunications, banking, trading, electronics, steel, cement, grain milling and others.

As a result of the recent corporate re-arrangement, Marsa Ocean Shipping took over three of the five container ships that made up Tehama's liner fleet. These include the 1,730 teu TSS GLORY, the 1,116 teu TSS VICTORY and the 2,466 teu TSS NEPTUNE.

In addition, the newly established company recently acquired the 1,162 teu MOS OCEAN.
After a refit at Batam, the vessel is intended to trade in the Southeast Asian Market.
Moreover, the company's fleet includes three tankers.

Meanwhile, Tehama Shipping Services retains ownership and operatiuons of the 2,764 teu TSS SHAMS and the 2,007 teu TSS PEARL.

As for the ongoing collaborations with other shipping lines, Tehama Shipping maintains its partnership with X-Press Feeders on the Jeddah and Yemen routes, while Marsa Ocean took over the cooperation with COSCO on ABu Dhabi, Salalah and the Mukalla Feeder.

Despite the seperation in the ownership of Tehama, Sheikh Matloob and Captain Saib still co-own a container yard and pier at the Iraq port of Umm Qasr.

Source: Correspondent / Alphaliner


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Issue 80 of Robban Assafina

(July/ Aug. 2022)


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