Greek provider of underwater and dry ship repairs services BEVALDIA is on with its plans to launch 2 new stations to further expand its presence in 2 more countries added to the already 23 active stations around the world.

This edition’s hosts Technical Manager Abdeljabbar Elgabli and Marketing Manager Eleni Psomatakis at Bevaldia tell us all about the company’s upcoming plans and contributions to a better maritime future.

Let’s give our readers a brief summary on Bevaldia, background and services.
Psomatakis: BEVALDIA is a company that is active in underwater services, in the field of agency services as well as dry ship repairs. 

In the field of underwater services, it has established 23 permanent stations worldwide while it continues to open in new areas. Bevaldia is present in 4 areas in the world where it performs agency services in Greece, Togo, Cyprus, and Turkey and it provides dry ship repairs in many areas worldwide. 

Our company is approved by all IACS and non-IACS classification societies while it is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 37001:2016 certified.  

Furthermore, it is worth noting that our company has deep roots in the maritime sector as all family members come from the shipping industry, generation to generation, therefore, we in BEVALDIA have a deep tradition in maritime issues, after all, how could a country like Greece, from which our company comes from, be different? 

Mrs Eleni Psomatakis, Marketing Manager at Bevaldia

How is Bevaldia contributing to help shape a better maritime future?
Psomatakis: BEVALDIA has made a significant contribution to a better maritime future in recent years by investing in third world economies and educating members of those societies, providing significant opportunities for those members to be actively involved in the maritime field and also receive substantial and real payments that in no case in the past would they have had this opportunity. 

Furthermore, they were given the opportunity to visit and get to know new countries, be trained in new technologies, gain new knowledge, and bring it back to their country by developing their local communities and re-emerging local companies in the maritime industry in a way that really contributed to the local ports to acquire a surplus value that they did not have in the past; for this, we consider that we have installed a small stone in the maritime field and especially in some areas such as West Africa in the last 10 years. 

Abdeljabbar Elgabli, Technical Manager at Bevaldia

Specialized in the field of underwater services and dry ship repairs, what distinguishes Bevaldia’s services in a competitive market?
Elgabli: Being a 3rd generation company with extremely competitive features apart from the fact that we have deep experience for so many years, knowledge distinguishes us, which is something other than our experience. We have deep knowledge on the subject, serious training on the object, we are certified by all IACS, all our techniques are certified by ISO, we have equipment under approved procedures and tested as not to destroy the hull paint coatings, we are able to adapt to any sea weather conditions even those in West Africa, to be able to adjust in almost all type of hull paint coatings and all types of vessels. In addition, BEVALDIA has active bases where it provides underwater services in over 23 countries at this time worldwide, in a very short time we will reach 25 countries with active stations.  The fact that we are competitive is confirmed by our 500 active customers who choose our services in various areas worldwide. 

With all the challenges and regulations placed upon the maritime industry, Bevaldia strives to maintain a steady and successful relationship with shipowners and class societies. What can you tell us about this and the challenges you’re facing?
Elgabli: BEVALDIA knows very well that the only way to succeed and be able to go far, is only when you are impartial, we have never entered into any dilemma and this is very well known by both the classification societies as well as the marine companies.  We are a company that will always tell the truth and this has given us the characterization that we are a trustworthy company. This is the reason that we are always selected for sale/purchase inspections of vessels, to see if there are any damages, and pass audits, because in the end everyone wants to know the truth about their vessels' condition. The class societies want a good collaborator as well as the ship owners. The maritime industry has entered a new era, the rest is old book, which no longer exists on the map. There is a new generation of ship owners who know what they want and how to go far, there are no patents anymore, the new generation of the ship owners have good and new vessels and do not need anything from the diving company except to know the truth about the condition of their vessels.

Bevaldia’s fully equipped and manned stations which provide underwater ship services approved by IACS and ISO certified were at this year’s Posidonia. What can you tell us about your participation in the event?
Elgabli: Posidonia is without a doubt one of the biggest international events which gathers the interest of ship owners and charters. We consider our participation in this event mandatory and we will continue to participate for all the subsequent years, we believe that it is an impeccable and excellent organization with keen interest for both the participants as well as all those who visit. It is not a simple meeting of the industry but it is always an opportunity for an exchange of views, discussions, educational opportunities, and brainstorming in the marine field.

Where is Bevaldia positioned on the Greek and the global maritime map?
Psomatakis: BEVALDIA serves all Greek Ports, Togo, Turkey, Cyprus, Albania, Benin, China, Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Singapore, Sri Lanka, France, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Korea, Ivory Coast, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Senegal, Tunisia, and Italy.  Agency: Greece, Togo, Turkey, and Cyprus.

What upcoming projects/solutions is Bevaldia preparing for?
Elgabli: Regular tactics include renewing our equipment which we manufacture under the brand name GAMSRO.   

BEVALDIA annually collects observations and worldwide evaluations from all its stations; when we gather all the feedback, we carry out improvements to our underwater technology equipment. Since we are at the end of 2022, we are now in the final phase of renewing our equipment using our knowledge to add some improvements that will bring us additional benefits in terms of both production, time and quality, and overall performance. 

Robban Assafina Magazine, July/ Aug. 2022, Issue 80, Maritime Host


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Issue 80 of Robban Assafina

(July/ Aug. 2022)


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