Recently, China Classification Society (CCS) completed the product survey and certificate issuance for the air compressor of the gas-layer drag reduction system for ships of the Greatall Dynamic Co., Ltd., providing assistance in obtaining new breakthroughs in the full-scale ship application of such system for large ships in China.

The ship hull surface gas-layer drag reduction technology with the gas-layer drag reduction system is a new energy-saving technology, which uses the difference between the density and viscosity factors of air and water to form and maintain a thin layer of air by injecting air to the ship bottom, so as to significantly reduce the friction resistance of the ship. This technology can significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission, obtaining over 8% energy saving effect. It can be used for various transportation ships with flat bottoms, and is an important technical measure for the shipowner to increase efficiency, save energy, and reduce the EEDI of newbuildings.

As it is a critical device, the CCS Wuhan Branch established a special project group, and dispatched senior marine surveyors to form working teams of plan approval and site survey. The working teams took off from the actual demand of customers, innovated working ideas, optimized working modes, and accurately mastered the time schedule of the project, and significantly improved work efficiency. During the plan approval, the working teams adopted the mode of “field teaching and learning”, and located the work at the customer’s site, so as to communicate with each other about the problems found at any time and solve them on the spot. In this way, the team fulfilled the plan approval in time. During the site survey, marine surveyors worked in shifts, and stayed at the test site unwaveringly around the clock. They provided strong support for the breakthrough of the critical equipment technology with efficient quality survey service, and made important contributions to the innovative development of core equipment for ships in Chia.


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Issue 79 of Robban Assafina  

(May./June 2022)



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