Ezekiel Davis, ABS Vice President of Regional Business Development in Europe, and Seongil Oh, Samsung Heavy Industries Executive Vice President and CMO, at the Posidonia International Shipping Exhibition

The re-liquefaction performance of Samsung Heavy Industries’ (SHI) new X-Reli system for low-pressure, dual-gas engines has been verified in testing witnessed by ABS.

The design, which received ABS approval in principle (AIP) for conceptual design in 2019 and detail design approval in 2020, uses patented technology to operate the cooling process at low pressure without using additional refrigerant.

The performance verification was conducted using the same equipment installed on LNG carriers to demonstrate the operating conditions when installed on ships. The system is intended to conserve LNG cargo volume under various operating conditions and minimize the release of boil-off gasses (BOGs).

Dong-Yeon Lee, Director of the Ship and Offshore Research Institute of SHI, said: “LNG carriers equipped with the X-Reli can fully reliquefy the BOGs generated even in anchoring mode, which will drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and further provide a solution to meet the ESG management of client companies.”

Reliquefaction allows increased flexibility and the potential to maximize cargo delivery and has been an important technology in the evolution of the operations of LNG carriers as the industry developed more efficient cargo fuel use and still seeks to meet emissions reduction objectives. The ability to operate this at low or medium pressure reduces barriers to adoption of the technology and ABS is proud to be able to facilitate this and confirm compliance with existing Rules and safety regulations and standards,” said Darren Leskoski, ABS Vice President, Northern Pacific Regional Business Development.


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Issue 79 of Robban Assafina  

(May./June 2022)



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