ICHCA International, the global cargo handling association, with the support of international freight transport insurer, is once more hosting the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award after a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The global supply chains and, in particular the cargo handling and transport operators that facilitate them, have been challenged as never before over the past year and a half. In an environment of dynamic trade flow variation with mounting volumes in many areas, restricted capacity, congestion and disruption, it is vital to maintain vigilance in matters of safety.

Both ICHCA International and TT Club have a fundamental commitment to risk reduction throughout the supply chain. Their renewal of an award programme to profile and celebrate the work of those striving to find ways to mitigate such safety risks reflects the paramount aim within both the organisations’ philosophies.

Richard Steele is the newly appointed Technical Director of ICHCA. “I am pleased that, early in my tenure, I am able to announce the re-introduction of this Innovation in Safety Award. The world’s cargo handling industry functions, and its people live and operate, in stressful times,” he comments. “At times like these when the exigencies of cargo flows, often peak to result in unparalleled congestion on berths and landside, that safety should be pre-eminent in our minds. This Award and the innovation it encourages will go some way to amplifying that message across the sector.

The Award will be open to anyone - an individual, team or company – involved in cargo handling or logistics. Entrants will be required to show that a product, idea, solution, process, scheme or other innovation has resulted in a demonstrable improvement to safety. The Award champions and celebrates the many companies and individuals around the world who are 100% dedicated to ‘making it safe’ every day. Equally, it acknowledges and fosters innovation to improve safety in cargo operations and logistics.

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In announcing his organisation’s continued sponsorship of the Award, TT Club’s Risk Management Director Peregrine Storrs-Fox said, “A key part of TT’s mission and deliverable to its Members, and the industry as a whole, is to emphasise the critical nature of loss prevention, and to supply safety advice of the highest quality. As such, TT remains dedicated to encouraging safety awareness and is delighted to remain intimately involved in the functioning of this Award. It aims to energise and bring visibility to any innovation in equipment, systems or processes that result in improvements in safety and we look forward to examining the wealth of ingenuity expressed in the entries this year.”

Details of entry criteria and deadlines will be announced at the beginning of September 2021.

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