The Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Ship’s Stability in General was carried out in the Tokyo MOU region jointly with the Paris MOU from 1 September 2021 to 30 November 2021.

During the campaign period, the member Authorities of the Tokyo MOU carried out 6,260 PSC inspections, of which 4,984 (79.62%) included the CIC inspection. 356 CIC related deficiencies were found on 306 ships representing 6.14% of the CIC inspections.

"The purpose of the campaign was to confirm crew’s familiarization with, and to create awareness of, the importance of calculating the actual stability condition of the ship before departure and to verify ship’s compliance with stability requirements under the relevant IMO instruments", said the Tokyo MoU.

In addition, eight of the 4,984 ships subject to a CIC inspection were detained for CIC related deficiencies. This represents 6.61% of all 121 detentions for all 6,260 ships inspected over the period.

The highest number of CIC related deficiencies were relating to the Loading/Ballast condition 155 (43.54%), followed by Cargo operation 67 (18.82%) and Bridge operation 45 (12.64%).

Furthermore, bulk carriers were subject to the highest number of CIC inspections accounting for 2,126 (42.66%) inspections, followed by general cargo vessels 911 (18.28%) and container vessels 893 (17.92%). This reflects the general inspection trend for all inspections by ship type.

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The most CIC inspections relating to flag were carried out to the ships under the flags of Panama 1,390 (27.89%), followed by Hong Kong (China) 587 (11.78%), Liberia 564 (11.32%).

Further analysis of the results of the campaign will be considered by the Port State Control Committee scheduled in November 2022 and will also be presented to the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments.

Source: safety4sea

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