Indian Register of Shipping has successfully completed Condition Assessment Programme (CAP) certification of 4 vessels of MOL Tankship Management Pte. Ltd., Singapore. CAP certificates were issued to 2 Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) & 2 Liquefied Gas Carriers (LPGs).

IRS carries out CAP certification as per requirement of oil majors. Having certified more than 200 vessels including Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Product Carriers, Asphalt Carriers and Liquefied Gas Carriers, IRS has strong experience in performing CAP certification.

IRS’ CAP program – ‘IR-CAP’ is well recognized by a large number of oil majors worldwide. IR-CAP provides independent and thorough evaluation of the ship based on actual condition, in-line with requirements of oil majors.

Hull CAP carried out on the basis of assessment of structural conditions of Hull at dry dock and afloat through detailed visual surveys, extensive thickness measurement, longitudinal strength, buckling strength calculation & fatigue strength calculation. Machinery & Cargo System CAP is carried out based on the assessment of machinery visual inspection, functional testing, analysis of lube oil, vibration measurement and verification of insulation resistance testing.

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Mr. Pankaj Kumar, DGM of MOL’s India subsidiary said ’MOL thanks Indian Register of Shipping for their excellent support during the change of Flag and CAP surveys and we look forward to long term relationship with IRS’.

Mr. Dileep Gupta, Head of Marine Technical Services

Mr. Dileep Gupta, Head of Marine Technical Services said today: "Our CAP program provides an independent evaluation of the ship’s condition and establishes a sound basis for decisions on repairs or investments in order to enhance the condition of ships structural areas and machinery. IR - CAP rating demonstrates to charterers that the critical quality areas of the vessel have been assessed and certified"

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