ABS Wavesight™, an ABS-affiliated company, has been selected to provide greenhouse gas (GHG) and Sea Cargo Charter reporting services to Chevron Shipping Company (CSC). ABS My Digital Fleet™ (MDF), ABS Wavesight’s flagship platform, will be used to improve CSC’s emissions reporting practices as it pursues lower carbon operations.

CSC plans to use ABS Wavesight to streamline and consolidate existing GHG data collection practices and systems by creating a single repository to use in meeting the International Maritime Organization, European Union, Sea Cargo Charter, and other reporting requirements. MDF’s ability to provide robust data collection, validation and verification will also allow CSC to make more informed, data-based, technical, operational, and commercial decisions.

The maritime industry is at a critical stage where access to real-time insights that can drive sustainable operations and reduce operational risks is essential,” said Paul Sells, President and CEO of ABS Wavesight. “Chevron’s decision to partner with ABS Wavesight speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to meeting global decarbonization goals and setting a standard for operational excellence. We look forward to working closely with Chevron to make an impact and set the tone for shipping’s next era.”


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Data plays a powerful role in fulfilling our commitment to helping the maritime industry reach its decarbonization goals,” said Mark Ross, President, Chevron Shipping Company. “We know that in order to reach our lower carbon goals and objectives, partnerships and new industry data practices will be required.

ABS MDF seamlessly integrates data to provide real-time insights that facilitate risk management and drive sustainable operations within the maritime and offshore sectors. Key benefits of MDF include optimizing voyage performance, capitalizing fuel-saving opportunities, improving asset risk management, and benchmarking capabilities. MDF leverages connected devices to make real-time data available on a unified platform, further improving communication and efficiency across organizations.

Source: ABS Wavesight


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