Leading provider of secure maritime data communications software, GTMaritime, has unveiled an enhanced version of GTDeploy – the advanced fleet-management and diagnostics tool that helps owners get the best out of their operating systems. With unparalleled visibility into vessel assets and computer systems, IT teams now have a range of new key features to optimise performance, streamline operations, and mitigate cyber-security risks.

The upgraded solution includes the following functionality:

  • Vessel and Computer Visibility: GTDeploy provides a centralised platform to view all vessels in the fleet and every computer onboard, enabling efficient asset management and oversight.
  •  Operating System Analysis: IT teams can now identify outdated operating software anywhere in the fleet, minimising the risk of cyber-attacks by ensuring timely updates and patches.
  • Computer Performance Metrics: The upgraded solution displays crucial information such as the last reboot time, operating number, storage availability, and network connections for each computer, facilitating proactive diagnostics and inventory management.
  • Software Inventory Management: IT teams gain access to information on installed software including name, manufacturer, version, installation date, and size, to enable informed decisions on software updates and removal.
  • Service Monitoring: GTDeploy monitors services running on individual computers, supporting diagnostics and troubleshooting in the event of reported issues onboard.
  • Streamlined Remote Diagnostics: The upgraded solution allows shoreside IT teams to access near-real-time data from ship computers, eliminating the need for remote log-in and expediting issue diagnosis and resolution to enhance operational efficiency and minimise downtime.

Jamie Jones, Operations Director, GTMaritime, said: “This latest upgrade to GTDeploy is a massive step forward for the solution and continues our commitment to innovate as the needs of the maritime industry evolve. Equipping IT teams with advanced asset-management and diagnostic tools empowers them to safeguard vessel operations while optimising performance and cyber security.”
The enhanced GTDeploy is now available to GTMaritime customers worldwide. For more information about GTDeploy and other GTMaritime solutions, visit gtmaritime.com.


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Issue 90 of Robban Assafina

(Mar./April 2024)


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