The collaboration marks a significant milestone for the two as it establishes the sharing and verification of emission data, to meet the requirements of their shared clients. Shipping companies that use StormGeo’s s-Insight platform will be able to share their validated emissions data to ClassNK MRV Portal* via API, for a seamless verification process.

This process enables shipping companies to maximize their reporting accuracy and accelerate their decarbonization strategy, according to regulations.

Mr. Espen Martinsen, Executive Vice President Sales, StormGeo, said, “This new agreement to share data for MRV, EU-ETS, and broader decarbonization initiatives is not only a significant stride towards advancing maritime decarbonization but is also a testament to our shared commitment to operational excellence and high data quality. "

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Dr. Yoshiya Yamaguchi, Executive Vice President, ClassNK, said, "We expect that this API integration will lead to improved convenience for the clients. ClassNK will continue to contribute to maritime decarbonization by fostering collaborations transcending industry boundaries"

Source: ClassNK


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(Mar./April 2024)


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