ABS has issued New Technology Qualification (NTQ) for an innovative ammonia-to-electrical power system from Amogy.

The Amogy ammonia-to-electrical power system splits, or “cracks,” liquid ammonia into its base elements of hydrogen and nitrogen, funneling the hydrogen into a fuel cell generating high-performance power. The technology represents a sustainable, clean energy solution tailored for industries such as maritime shipping and power generation.

ABS assessed the integrated reactor system transforming ammonia into hydrogen resulting in pure hydrogen gas that can be utilized for fuel cells.

“Amogy’s new technology is another example of the rapid development of innovation around alternative fuels for maritime use. Cracking ammonia to produce hydrogen for fuel cells is one that has the potential to accelerate the energy transition in the maritime industry, supporting global decarbonization goals,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

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“We are honored to receive this Technology Qualification letter from ABS,” said Seonghoon Woo, CEO at Amogy. “This achievement marks a significant milestone on our path toward broader industry adoption of our technology, highlighting the safety, viability, and maturity of our ammonia-powered solution. We are excited to further collaborate with ABS as we advance through the new technology qualification process.”

ABS NTQ services offer guidance and certification on early adoption and efficient implementation of new technologies – demonstrating level of maturity – and that potential risks have been systematically reviewed.

ABS is leading the maritime industry in comprehensive decarbonization and sustainability solutions.

Source: ABS


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(Mar./April 2024)


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