The International Maritime Club (IMC) is delighted to announce the recipients of the esteemed Honorary Doctorate Leadership Excellence Awards. These awards serve as a recognition of exceptional leadership and substantial contributions to the maritime sector. The award ceremony was held at the Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel, located in Dubai, UAE, on the 2nd of May, 2024.

For nearly two decades, the International Maritime Club has devoted itself to bringing together and advancing the worldwide maritime community and the oil & gas industry. With the aim of encouraging ongoing progress, fostering knowledge sharing, and enhancing worldwide maritime commerce, the IMC provides a unified platform for global leaders, communities, organizations, and associations. Through collaborations with respected academic institutions and universities, IMC bolsters the professional qualifications of its members and promotes industry acknowledgement.

The IMC Honorary Doctorate Leadership Excellence Awards celebrated notable professionals in the Marine and Oil & Gas sector associations today. The distinguished recipients of the Honorary Doctorate are His Excellency Khamis Juma Buamim (Chairman - Dubai Council for Marine & Maritime Industries  & Chairman - Group CEO of KBI-uae),  Mr. Hesham K. Zubari (The International Society of Petroleum Engineers Regional Director for MENA & Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Dragon Oil),   Major Ali Al Suweidi (Founder CEO - Emirates Marine Environment Group), Mr. Salah Sharaf (Vice Chairman of 7 Emirates Shipping Association & Vice President - Sharaf Group),   Ms. Nadia Abdul Aziz (President - National Association of Freight and Logistics & CEO / Partner - UNASCO Cargo LLC), Mr. Ahmad Abdulrazeq (General Manager - Maltrans Emirates LLC & Vice President - National Association Of Freight And Logistics), Mr. Nikeel Idnani (Honorary Secretary - Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology), Ms. Nayana Nandkumar (General Manager – Duabi Shipping Agents Association).

Furthermore, Mr. Iason Georgiou (Vice President of UAE National Ship Suppliers Association & Owner of Unimrine Group) was also presented a Professional Doctorate from the esteemed European International University, in addition to the IMC Honorary Doctorate Leadership Excellence Award.

Sir. Sohan Roy, the esteemed Chairman & CEO of Aries Group of Companies and the Founder President of International Maritime Club, had the honor of presenting the IMC Honorary Doctorate Leadership Excellence Awards. The esteemed Professional Doctorate to Mr. Iason Georgiou was jointly presented by Sir. Sohan Roy and Dr. Ajai Desai, the Global Promoter of the European International University.

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These extraordinary leaders have shown exceptional dedication, creativity, and excellence in their respective roles, making a significant impact on the development of the maritime industry.

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