INFODAS GmbH, a leading company in the field of cybersecurity solutions, has been awarded the type approval certificate for the SDoT Data Diode by Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection, and certification. It’s the world's first software-defined data diode, achieving certification in compliance with the UR E27 standards of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). infodas is taking a decisive step towards improving cyber resilience in the maritime sector.

The SDoT solution forms a logical separation of networks with a secure return channel, thanks to its unique and evaluated security architecture, which can effectively prevent side-channel attacks. It enables fast and high-performance unidirectional data transfer via numerous protocols in a compact form factor between security zones, such as OT/IT, navigation systems, cargo management systems and many others. The use of the infodas SDoT Data Diode enables ships to achieve a higher cybersecurity classification notation according to Bureau Veritas NR659 rules.

IACS new UR E26 “cyber resilience of ships” and UR E27 “cyber resilience of on-board systems and equipment” will enter into force on July 1st 2024 and will establish themselves as unanimously recognized standards in response to the escalating cyber threats in the maritime sector. This type approval is the first of its kind granted to a software-defined data diode by Bureau Veritas, in compliance with IACS UR E27 requirements and BV NR659 rules. The high-level certification encompasses structured and rigorous procedures for the approval of cybersecurity components. It not only validates the effectiveness of software-defined cross-domain solutions in securing robust information, but also positions them as a convincing alternative to hardware-based data diodes, offering high performance, usability and flexibility.

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Managers and stakeholders in the shipping industry are compelled to adapt to the latest standards for protecting their digital infrastructures to counteract the rapid pace of development. With the implementation of the infodas SDoT Data Diode, maritime operators are able to upgrade their IT infrastructure without extensive efforts, while gaining access to a notably faster, more flexible solution, resulting in substantial cost savings.

"For more than a decade, INFODAS GmbH is a pioneer in the field of software-defined cross-domain solutions. We are particularly proud of the Bureau Veritas certification and see it as confirmation of our consistent work and development. With this globally recognized certification we guarantee the highest security standards for maritime and civil shipping and contribute to the necessary improvement in cybersecurity. We have succeeded in transferring the SDoT Data Diode solution from the military market to the maritime sector, thereby providing a strengthening and safeguarding of the global economy", says Dr Fulvio Arreghini, Head of Global Business at infodas.

"We are particularly pleased every time we have an opportunity to grant an UR E27 certification to an equipment which goal is to enhance cybersecurity on board vessels. This rich and dense cooperation between infodas and BV cybersecurity experts is a perfect illustration of what UR E26 and UR E27 bring to the maritime industry now and for the years to come. The maritime sector can now rely on cybersecurity standards which pave the way for more discussions on cyber resilience between yards, owners, suppliers and Class Societies", says Paul Delouche, Strategy, Acquisitions, and Advanced Services Director at Bureau Veritas Marine & Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.

Source: INFODAS Gmbh 


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