Intellian Technologies, a leading global provider of multi-constellation, satellite user terminals and communications solutions, celebrates 15 years of successful partnership with Marlink, the smart network and digital solutions company.

Since the initial engagement in 2009, Intellian and Marlink have consistently delivered cutting-edge network solutions, driven by a shared commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Intellian Technologies' extensive product portfolio, featuring multi-orbit, multi-band systems, perfectly complements Marlink's pioneering role in the satellite communications industry, globally providing fully managed end-to-end smart hybrid network and digital solutions across maritime, land, and military sectors.

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The recent signing of a five-year contract renewal, with the option for an additional five years, highlights the strength and resilience of the partnership. This agreement reaffirms Intellian and Marlink’s joint commitment to delivering unparalleled value and flexibility to customers, while also fostering collaborative product development initiatives for hybrid connectivity across LEO, MEO and GEO networks.
With an extensive range of satellite communication solutions across both parabolic and flat panel designs, the product line range offered to customers also includes satellite TV antennas and from Q4 2024, GMDSS safety solutions.

As they celebrate 15 years of collaboration, Intellian Technologies and Marlink remain dedicated to providing best-in-class satellite communication solutions across maritime, land, and military applications. 


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(Mar./April 2024)


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