The Irish tanker owner has tapped maritime AI specialist Deepsea Technologies to implement Pythia, its voyage optimisation tool, across Ardmore’s fleet to help the shipowner meet the goals of its stated energy transition plan in the course of its tramp business. 

Ardmore has already conducted a full-scale trial of the technology on its vessels and said outcomes of this 12-month collaboration saw a promising decrease in fuel consumption and, in turn, emissions.

The company said it has already invested in fuel-efficient engines, innovative hull designs, and other fuel optimisation technologies which will now be complemented by Deepsea’s voyage optimisation services.

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“Through this collaboration with DeepSea, we’re further upgrading and future-proofing our fleet for operation in today’s dynamic tanker market, aligning with our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” said Ardmore Shipping commercial project manager, Ha Eun Ruppelt. 

Deepsea chief executive Konstantinos Kyriakopoulos said the partnership will show the adaptability of its AI offering, “We’re excited to be expanding our collaboration with a visionary leader in the tanker space, known for its focus on quality and its successful adoption of new technologies. Together with the Ardmore team, we’ve shown how AI-powered voyage optimisation can be adapted to address the unique challenges of the tanker sector, leveraging hyper-accurate modelling of each vessel’s unique fuel profile to deliver demonstrable reductions in emissions and optimally balance fuel cost and revenue opportunity to increase commercial efficiency.

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