Investigations and inquiries have begun into the catastrophic collision that took place in Baltimore on March 26, which resulted in casualties and the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

The incident
The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed on 26 March after being hit by the container ship MV Dali. The Singapore-flagged ship had departed Baltimore at 1 a.m. and was heading to Colombo, Sri Lanka. CCTV and marine tracking data show a sequence of events leading up to the collision, including a power loss for 60 seconds, black smoke emission, and a collision with the bridge at 01:28:44 local time.

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The captain of the container ship involved in the Baltimore Harbor bridge collapse radioed for tugboat assistance and reported a power outage moments before the tragedy, as revealed by federal safety inspectors who referenced the ship’s “black box” data recorder.

After the incident, the bodies of two men were recovered Wednesday from the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. Four people remain missing and are presumed dead.


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