Elcome International LLC, a leading provider of maritime technology solutions with nearly 55 years of maritime industry experience, today announced the launch of WELCOME, a revolutionary pay-as-you-go satellite internet service for ships and offshore installations worldwide.

WELCOME, which is based on Starlink's global maritime offering, will provide high-speed, low-latency internet access with no fixed monthly fees and attractive pricing for crew and passengers.

The new service will be available in all international waters and the territorial waters of 70 countries, with bandwidth of up to 350 Mbps and average latency below 99ms.

Crew members will be able to purchase data bundles or monthly subscriptions starting at just US$3 using both international and regional credit cards, online wallets, and other payment methods.

"We are excited to introduce WELCOME, a game-changing maritime internet service that will revolutionse how ships and offshore installations stay connected at sea," said Asneed Ameer, Senior Manager Connectivity at Elcome.

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"As an industry first, Elcome will be offering a free Starlink Flat High-Performance Kit for qualifying customers. This means crews can benefit from WELCOME without any upfront investment and with no fixed monthly cost!"

Affordable high-speed internet connectivity has become increasingly important for crew welfare, and WELCOME provides a solution that addresses this need.

With WELCOME, crew members can enjoy benefits like roaming, enabling them to use the data they purchase on one WELCOME-equipped vessel on another. This ensures that crews can stay connected seamlessly as they move between vessels.

Additionally, Elcome will be partnering with content and service providers to enable them to extend the reach of their products via WELCOME, further enhancing the crew experience.

Elcome has offices in 15 countries with more than 600 professionals supporting thousands of vessel owners and operators worldwide. The company has deployed nearly 1,500 maritime Starlink terminals in the past year and expects to deploy thousands more in 2024. Elcome's existing maritime Starlink customers include some of the leading players in the commercial maritime, oil and gas, defence, yachting, ferry, and cruise industries.

The service, set for official launch in May 2024, will be available for use on ships and offshore installations worldwide.


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