The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has signed a collaboration agreement with NeoNautica, a company specialised in technology and digital services for the maritime sector. This collaboration aims to develop and operate the UAE Blue Pass platform, dedicated to creating quality packages of privileges and facilities. These efforts will enhance the competitiveness of the national maritime sector, promote its attractiveness to international investors, providing an added value to maritime companies operating in the UAE and commercial ships calling its ports, ushering a new era of innovation in the maritime industry.

The agreement was signed by Eng. Hessa Al Malek, Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport and Affairs at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and Capt. Rami Al Breiki, CEO of NeoNautica. Officials from both sides were present.

Al Malek affirmed that this collaboration signifies a pivotal step for the maritime sector, propelling it towards unprecedented levels of growth and innovation, thereby enhancing its global competitiveness and equipping it to tackle future challenges while seizing promising opportunities. This initiative aligns with the continuous efforts to enhance efficiency and sustainability within the maritime sector, with particular emphasis on embracing modern technologies.

Al Malek said, “By developing the Blue Pas platform, we aim to build an advanced and modern digital system that supports the UAE government's efforts to accelerate the achievement of the interconnected and technologically advanced infrastructure pillar of the "We The UAE 2031" vision. The project will be a major supporter in making the UAE the global hub for the new knowledge and data-based economy in the next ten years. The platform will incorporate advanced features alongside comprehensive industry insights, thereby providing seamless and effective solutions for maritime professionals in the UAE. By connecting professionals, ship owners, and maritime service providers.”

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Al Malek underscored the pivotal role of the advanced platform in fostering seamless cooperation among stakeholders within the maritime sector, thereby improving communication, transparency, and coordination. This is achieved through user-friendly interfaces and digital features, facilitating easy access to information and streamlining operations, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the maritime transport sector. She highlighted that the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, through this collaboration, aims to expand the Blue Pass initiative to encompass multiple modes of transportation. This strategic expansion aims to position the UAE as the premier logistical partner for global trade, further consolidating its leadership in the logistics industry.

Capt. Rami Al Breiki expressed his happiness regarding the partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure to develop the UAE Blue Pass platform, emphasising the company’s unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in the maritime sector. Leveraging advanced technology and extensive sector experience, NeoNautica is committed to creating a seamless and integrated platform that fosters growth and prosperity for the maritime sector.

The developed platform aims to establish a sophisticated and advanced digital environment, seamlessly connecting maritime professionals. Its primary objectives include enhancing cooperation among stakeholders in the maritime sector, fostering communication and transparency, expanding coverage to include all modes of transportation, and elevating the UAE's position as a key player in global logistics through technology integration. Advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain, are used to enhance efficiency and reliability. Moreover, the platform offers easy-to-use interfaces and customisable control panels to enhance user experience. Additionally, it features a collaborative marketplace enabling users to engage with marine service providers.


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Issue 89 of Robban Assafina

(Jan./ Feb. 2024)


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