Global bunker trading firm, Glander International Bunkering announced today the appointment of Frederik Moser as Head of New Fuels. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to becoming the preferred partner for new fuels and carbon trading.

Moser will assume a pivotal role in steering Glander International Bunkering into the next bunkering era. With over a decade of industry experience, he is set to lead a team of New Fuels Advisors, assembled from across 9 offices.

Frederik Moser

Under Moser’s leadership, the team is primed for industry changes, new products and legislations. He expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “In my new role, it will be important to harness our skills and facilitate this shift in our industry.


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Conducting internal training programs, Moser is also responsible for charting a clear new fuels direction, ensuring collaboration, and positioning the team at the forefront of industry developments.

Moser continued, “New fuels are an exciting challenge, especially considering where the industry is headed. It’s not enough to be prepared. We always go beyond, leading and navigating a new journey for our clients.”

Moser and his team will actively engage with shipping companies, initiate discussions about the energy transition and introduce new offerings that align with their sustainability goals.

Based in Tønsberg, Norway, Moser brings a wealth of knowledge in EU ETS, FuelEU Maritime and other global directives. Leveraging his expertise, Moser will onboard customers in EU ETS, further solidifying the company’s commitment to maritime decarbonization.


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