The EMSA Outlook 2024 outlines the Agency’s strategic priorities for the upcoming year. Aligned with the overarching multi-annual strategic goals, these key focus areas are derived from the officially endorsed Single Programming Document (2024-2026), a robust roadmap adopted by #EMSA’s Administrative Board in November 2023.

Structured around seven thematic categories, this publication places a strong emphasis on Sustainability, Safety & Security, Surveillance, and Simplification, reinforcing the Agency’s commitment to addressing the associated fundamental maritime challenges.


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Complementing these core areas, is the Agency’s focus on three cross-cutting themes – Digitalisation, Technical Assistance and Strategic Support.

This strategic framework steers EMSA’s operational initiatives and serves as the structure for this publication. Each chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the Agency’s efforts within these domains. Below, we offer a preview of some noteworthy highlights for the year ahead.

Source: Maritime cyprus


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Issue 88 of Robban Assafina

(Nov./ Dec. 2023)


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