Lhyfe (EURONEXT: LHYFE), a global pioneer in the production of renewable #greenhydrogen for transportation and industrial applications, announces that it has won the call for proposals (AMI) launched at the end of 2022 by Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port to develop a green hydrogen industrial production and distribution site in Montoir-de-Bretagne (Loire-Atlantique).

This call for proposals, which was launched on 21 November 2022, concerned the provision of land located at the heart of the port’s industrial and logistics ecosystem, in Montoir-de-Bretagne, for a project to set up an industrial renewable hydrogen production activity.

By focusing for many years on the energies of tomorrow, Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port has embarked on a path towards a new low-carbon economic model for its business, which is still heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Nantes Saint-Nazaire Port wanted to offer a solution to encourage the development of the hydrogen industry in the region.

As part of this project, Lhyfe will build an industrial unit with a production capacity of up to 85 tonnes per day of green and renewable hydrogen (installed electrolysis capacity of 210 MW) located in the north of bulk port terminal. This site should be operational by 2028.


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Lhyfe produces green and renewable hydrogen through the electrolysis of water, at production units powered by renewable energy. The company’s first site has already been in operation since the latter half of 2021, and seven other sites are currently in construction throughout Europe (France, Germany and Sweden).

This project will contribute to the decarbonization of the industrial port complex and of the maritime transport. It is consistent with the action program for the development of a “Low Carbon Industrial Zone” (ZIBaC), supported by the Association des Industriels Loire Estuaire (AILE), Saint-Nazaire Agglomération, the Estuaire and Sillon areas and the Pays de la Loire Region. An ambition and a roadmap have been drawn up to transform the Loire Estuaire territory into a low-carbon energy hub. This project confirms this ambition and the momentum that has been built up to accelerate the energy transition in the industrial port area of the Loire estuary.

The project’s implementation is subject to the granting of operating authorizations and construction permits, as well as to financial investment decisions.

Source: Lhyfe


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