Wiel Penders (Left), Executive Vice President Sales & Operations DASPOS and Adriaan Verhoef (Right), CEO THB Verhoef

THB Verhoef, Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands, has partnered with Daspos A/S. in its mission to prevent engine room fires before they occur and bring ships and people back to port safely.

THB Verhoef, an innovative and customer driven company will act as a Sales Agent for the Daspos Fire Prevention System including the LAS -10 Detector and H-18 Hot Box Detector to the BENELUX market with a focus on ships in the Commercial and Merchant sectors. 


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The Daspos System provides dual measurement detection and alarm of both oil mist/gas spray, methanol as well as hydrocarbon vapors. Any leakage of hydrocarbon will be detected by the system and its high airflow rate ensures far more reliable detection than light-scatter and other comparing technologies.

Proper fire prevention measures save valuable lives, time, and money. The DASPOS Fire Prevention System is the 24/7 watch guard that never sleeps, giving crewmembers more time to react and dramatically reducing the risk of a fire.


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Issue 87 of Robban Assafina

(Sept./ Oct. 2023)


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