Vietnamese authorities were deployed for a rescue operation of a cargo ship in distress, but upon arrival at the scene some of the crewmembers refused to leave the ship.

According to reports, while the majority of the crew were removed from the ship, three seafarers were reportedly told by the vessel’s owners to remain aboard to manage the salvage operation. The current status of the disabled vessel is unclear.

More specifically, the general cargo ship Hoa Lu 02 was reported in rough seas off the northern coast in the Gulf of Tonkin, after it bad weather due to a storm.

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During the storm in the Gulf of Tonkin, the vessel lost power and the vessel was sitting low in the water, with the captain deciding to request an emergency rescue.

The local authorities called for assistance from nearby vessels, and they dispatched a rescue boat. The latter made an attempt to reach the distressed ship, but was unable to because of rough seas.

After several attempts to evacuate the crew, the rescue team decided that the seafarers should board the cargo ship’s rafts. However, with the vessel not sinking, three of the crew refused to join.

After discussions, during which the rescue crew attempted to persuade the crewmembers to join, they informed them that the shipping company had told them to stay with the vessel until a salvage ship could reach them.

The rest of the crew were transferred from the rafts to the patrol boat and brought to shore.

Source: Safety4sea


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