StormGeo, a leading provider of weather intelligence and decision-support solutions for the shipping industry and part of Alfa Laval, celebrates its 25th anniversary by giving away its new Carbon Footprint Dashboard as a ‘green gift’ to customers of the s-Insight fleet performance management solution.

Decarbonization is a top priority for StormGeo, and we want to help as many companies as possible reduce fuel consumption and cut greenhouse gas emissions,” said Espen Martinsen, VP Sales Shipping at StormGeo. “Our new Carbon Footprint Dashboard helps shipping companies focus on the decarbonization metrics that matter, providing deep insights into how much CO2 their shipping activities emit into the atmosphere.”

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The Carbon Footprint Dashboard provides a single source of all CO2 emissions data, giving access to numerous graphs and diagrams that visualize critical emission indicators for fleets, vessel subgroups, and individual vessels. These insights are available to all end-users, helping to ensure transparency and improve collaboration on decarbonization initiatives across organizational departments. 

StormGeo’s Carbon Footprint Dashboard is the third decarbonization solution released by the company in 2022, following the CII Dashboard and the CII Simulator, and the last in a long line of products and services helping to save fuel consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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StormGeo has a long history of helping shipping companies decarbonize its operations,” said Martinsen. “Over the last decades, our services have significantly helped shipping companies improve their environmental performance. In 2021 alone, StormGeo helped our clients save approximately 2.6 million MT of fuel, averting 7.9 million MT of CO2 from ending up in the atmosphere and ocean. The Carbon Footprint Dashboard is a welcome addition to this services suite.”

The Carbon Footprint Dashboard is available as part of s-Insight, a world-leading fleet performance management solution that ensures vessel compliance and provides simple, trustworthy data reporting systems.

StormGeo's Carbon Footprint Dashboard



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