Aquametro Oil & Marine AG is ahead with plans to further expand its business and presence in various markets, as preparations are taking place to inaugurate an office in the Middle East region. In an interview at SMM Hamburg, Aquametro’s CEO Axel Schulz shared some great news with Robban Assafina’s team, along with some future prospects of the company’s aims aligning with IMO 2050 ambitious targets.

Can you give us a brief summary about Aquametro?
Aquametro Oil & Marine AG has been on the market for such a long time, it is a traditional and historic company established since 1928 holding a great experience and an astounding history. Grown in Switzerland over the centuries, Aquametro now has international offices in Rostock/Germany, Singapore, Shanghai, Korea and Japan, with successful outcomes and tailor made solutions, as we are very close to the market and the clients.

What can you tell us about Aquametro’s solutions in light of the EEXI regulations? 
EEXI has different sides considering the fuel efficiency on an operational index, and as we deliver solutions that meet today’s challenges, we provide all sensors, flowmeters, shaft power meters that are needed to provide EEXI and KPI compliance for the vessel to operate safely and smoothly. With accurate numbers and figures provided by our products, we monitor, analyze and report in a correct way, securing vessel fuel savings through close consumption monitoring. 

How are Aquametro’s innovations in fuel blending onboard helping ease today’s challenges?
A lot of alternative fuels are under discussion; some fuels are not stable or not harmonized and require flexibility. Reducing CO2 emissions by blending alternative fuels, Aquametro’s worldwide certified blending solutions provide safe fuel blending for vessels and an ability to handle all kinds of fuels. 

With reference to the supply chain challenges, what is Aquametro’s role in facilitating operations?
Supply chain problems are upon everyone, we try to secure our deliveries within 10-14 days, which I think is a world record, because our work with the suppliers is on a long term basis, 20 or 30 years, and they provide us with a forecast for 2 or 3 years so that we are able to plan and schedule our deliveries based on their production. This somehow gave us a secured supply chain.

What are your thoughts on green shipping?
Speaking of Aquametro’s future goals during the next five years, we have a precise aim which aligns with IMO’s 2050 ambitious targets. We are providing many solutions for the industry’s main focus in the coming years, which is green shipping, and that is taking over all of today’s investments. Shipping is the biggest key for transportation of goods and it has to be green to follow IMO’s ambitious targets 2050, so in order to be ready, plans have to start now. I believe that green thinking, which is different from the commercial mentality that was in the past, is really the mindset thinking in shipping nowadays.

How significant is the Middle East region for Aquametro?
The Middle East is a well growing market, and we have some plans and preparations to open an office in UAE and increase our Middle East business, hoping to have it ready and inaugurated by the end of the year.

Robban Assafina Magazine, Issue 81, Sept./ Oct. 2022, Maritime Host, Pg. 89


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Issue 81 of Robban Assafina

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