Working towards a better future of sustainable systems on ships, URSA AS is perfectly positioned to offer easier logistics without concerns about drinking water supplies onboard. Aside from highlighting URSA’s Essential Water Systems and Disinfection Unit that support the importance of drinking water solutions and reduce plastic bottled water on board, Andreas KyriaKides, Sales and Business Development manager at URSA talks of the company’s future expansion plans and partnership outlooks.

Andreas KyriaKides, Sales and Business Development manager at URSA

First, can we have a brief about URSA, establishment and missions?
URSA AS is a privately owned company registered in Norway. The company is a subsidy of Mouawad Consulting AS, a leading firm in Environmental Engineering with specialization in Ballast Water Management onboard ships. 

URSA offers the shipping industry the most cost-effective alternative to bottled water through its URSA Essential Water Systems. In addition, shipowners can equip their vessels with a disinfectant producing machine on board that helps reduce many of the cleaning and chemical liquids used on board. Both systems (Drinking Water and Disinfectant) contribute to the sustainability commitment.

URSA AS is an approved member of the International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) and through its numerous stocking locations contributes to reducing even more the final cost to the ship owner when installing any of the URSA systems. 

The company’s mission is to position itself as a key supplier when it comes to Drinking Water solutions on board. Furthermore, the management is constantly seeking new technologies to add to its portfolio in order to further enhance the ship’s sustainability status and reduce associated costs. 

As the maritime industry is reaching a new era of prohibiting the use of plastics on board ships, how is URSA helping with the environmental challenges, and contributing to the blue ocean initiative?
Now more than ever shipowners acknowledge the importance of adopting environmentally responsible products, not merely for cost savings and plastics’ reduction but most importantly for securing the crew’s welfare. 

URSA Essential Water Solutions is the most sensible choice available enabling shipowners to save costs while reducing their environmental footprint. 

Research shows that on average a crew member consumes up to 2.5 liters of drinking water per day including water needed for cooking purposes. This translates to some 20,000 liters of water per year per vessel. URSA Drinking Water systems can help eliminate completely the use of the plastic bottled water. 

With the ongoing collaboration between URSA and Technava SA, URSA has grew its interest in the Greek market, what can you tell us about your expansions there?
The Greek market has been one of our main targets in terms of local presence from the beginning. The plethora of locally based shipping companies provides a great potential for a company like us. 

Our collaboration with TECHNAVA is helping us provide solutions fast by having locally available stock for immediate dispatch. We keep on open line of communication with the sales engineers of TECHNAVA for any request is received from Greek shipping companies, either that relates to a new request or a technical support matter. 

What can you tell us about URSA’s products and how are they benefiting the industry?
URSA products, or as we like to call them the URSA Essential Water Systems, offer a sustainable alternative to bottled drinking water and disinfection liquid.


The Drinking Water machine provides on-demand drinking water which is always fresh and crisp. It reduces and ultimately removes the need for plastic bottles. This translates to huge amounts of savings in terms of money spent for buying bottled water, transporting and storing it. This simple and easy-to-install unit is supplied with an advanced filtration method with NSF approval and can be connected directly to the ship’s freshwater supply. 

Apart from the Drinking Water system, URSA can supply a technologically advanced machine, the URSA Disinfectant system, that produces affordable and on-demand generation of disinfectant that can be used to clean all surfaces on a ship. Crew can use it to disinfect their hands as well. Just one such machine is needed for each vessel producing a liquid that is non-toxic, non-hazardous with zero environmental impact if spilled. 

In simple terms, salt and water are activated using a form of electrolysis whereby a powerful but still safe disinfectant/cleaning agent is produced that’s safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic, environmentally friendly, and of low cost. Shipowners will save in money spent on cleaning agents and certain chemicals, and further reduce plastic bottles received on board. 

On what basis does URSA build its relationships with shipowners and what challenges do you mainly face?
Through our local representation we strive to be in constant contact with the shipowners and ship management companies. Through the years, we came to realize that having locally sourced available stock is not enough. Shipowners need local support either that be a technical advice or a request for additional stock or filter replacement. 
Although we do have agents in various markets representing our brand and providing this support, we are constantly looking for companies that are interested in working with us through a more sustainable future for our seas. 

How do you see the Middle East market as you are very active in participating in events held in the region? 
The Middle East region is very important for us especially due to the ties of the owners with the region. Our goal is to further enhance our presence in the region by adding even more hubs of stock and technical support. 


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Issue 81 of Robban Assafina

(Sept./ Oct. 2022)




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