For the first time ever, seafarers can receive 360° support and advice for all their health and well-being needs, through the launch of an affordable and tailored wellbeing platform, OneCare Solutions.

The digital platform addresses the full spectrum of seafarer health and well-being with 24/7 direct access to medical expertise and mental health support. The 24/7 support helpline is manned by qualified physicians and clinical phycologists.

Access to holistic wellness programmes and public health specialists, as well as tailored mental health related training through an e-learning platform (OneLearn Global), is also included. Additional training support related to physical health issues is in progress and will further enhance the service offering in the near future.

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OneCare Solutions provides in-depth medical expertise, and its health and well-being services can enhance medical access and minimise health risks, leading to proactive interventions and a decline in overall illness. This includes unnecessary shoreside referrals and spending. It also offers drug and alcohol testing as well as a medical inventory management solution giving vessels access to vital medical supplies and ensuring each vessel stays in compliance with its registered flag state requirements. OCS provides flexible packages, fully-customisable and specifically tailor-made for each client.

According to a recent International Maritime Health Association report, one in five ships is forced to divert course due to medical reasons, costing the industry over $168 million.

OneCare Solutions has also partnered with Stella Maris, the world’s largest ship-visiting charity.  Stella Maris has a global network of 1,000 local chaplains and volunteers who conduct up to 70,000 ship visits a year to support seafarers and fishers of all nationalities and faiths. It is seen as a friend in a foreign port, providing practical help, expert information, advocacy, and spiritual support to improve the welfare and wellbeing of all seafarers.

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Marinos Kokkinis, OneCare Solutions Managing Director, said having access to a huge range of medical specialists is crucial in the effort to look after the health and welfare of crews. “Being away at sea should not be a reason that seafarers cannot access the same services and care they would seek ashore,” he said. 

OneCare Solutions brings together a wide network of specialists and experts and offers ship managers, operators and owners the peace of mind that whatever health issue arises onboard, we have specialists who can deal with it immediately.

The ongoing Covid crisis has also propelled the need for access to public health specialists and awareness of good hygiene practices so we can all try and prevent further Covid outbreaks on our vessels. The platform can provide one-to-one appointments, protocols for crisis management and manuals onboard advising how to respond if an outbreak does occur,” he added.


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(Sept./ Oct. 2022)




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