The Japan Ship Technology Research Association (JSTRA) is the latest entity to join the Global Industry Alliance (GIA) for Marine Biosafety, a platform for industry collaboration set up under IMO's GloFouling Partnerships project.

The GIA brings together committed leaders from maritime, shipping, ocean energy, aquaculture and other ocean-based industries, to support two key IMO pressing environmental objectives via improved biofouling management: protect marine biodiversity and decarbonize shipping.

The alliance will hold its  8th meeting in October (10 October). GIA members will discuss ongoing activities, including producing an awareness raising animation;  developing a report exploring port perspectives  related to biofouling management.

Biofouling is the accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, or small animals on ships’ hull and other wetted surfaces. In addition to the irreversible affects it can have for marine biodiversity by introducing potentially Invasive Aquatic Species into new environments, biofouling also increases the drag of ships, forcing them to burn more fuel to maintain speed and contribute to the higher GHG emission. 

JSTRA is engaged in strategic R&D (Research and Development) activities to enhance the international competitiveness and technology base of the Japanese shipbuilding and shipping industries, and to respond to technical issues being faced by these industries, including logistical efficiency, safety assurance and environmental conservation issues. 

We regard regulations, standards and R&D activities as our trinity, whereby we provide an integrated maritime cluster (platform) where members from shipping industry, government (inspection organizations and other government agencies) and academia come together as one; and drive initiatives regarding new regulations and standards, and R&D activities to enhance international competitiveness.” Seiichi Tanaka, Chairman of JSTRA. 

GloFouling Partnerships will be holding its 2nd R&D Forum and Exhibition on Biofouling Prevention and Management for Maritime Industries at IMO (International Maritime Organization) Headquarters in London, United Kingdom, 11-14 October 2022. The Forum will bring together regulatory bodies, academia, leading scientific experts, technology developers, and representatives from maritime industries such as shipping, ports and harbours, aquaculture & fishing, offshore oil & gas, deep sea mining and ocean renewable energy, for a comprehensive overview of this rapidly expanding area of research and development of technologies. For more information see: 2nd R&D Forum and Exhibition 

For more information on how to join the GIA: 

source: International Maritime Organization


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